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Chad Hampton


Hey, I'm Chad. I'm the owner of Hampton's Designs.

I started getting into the automotive world going to car shows with my dad around age thirteen. I was always interested in them, so we started building them together and getting them painted. However, after the paint jobs were completed we noticed there were always tons of issues with the paint jobs. I wanted to learn how to do it the right way so I went to college at Cleveland Community College for paint and body work.


After college, I worked at a few different body shops, I was always doodling and trying to create my own ideas for custom paint work. I've always had an eye for it. Finally, my dad and I got my own building and I started painting cars. It quickly transitioned into only motorcycles and I just kept getting busier and busier.

It's really a family business. It's just the four of us, and we're all working together to make sure every aspect of the bike is the best quality it can be.

I'm so excited that we've grown over the last few years to begin offering full custom motorcycles under one roof. There just aren't a lot of shops that are offering the kinds of services we do.

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