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You don't have to run your bike parts all over the place to get the best quality anymore. Hampton's is now offering full service custom motorcycles. Powder coating now available.


Hampton's paint jobs are more modern than most bikes you've seen. Most of the guys in the industry are older and doing the same paint jobs they were doing in the 90's. The color combinations are a lot of the wow factor. It truly gives them an upper hand over other custom paint bike shops.

The quality is truly what sets Hampton's apart.


We create custom builds for the motorcycle of your dreams. Get custom switches added to your bike to make your rides better and easier.

We build bikes that we actually have for sale. We can also customize your personal motorcycle.

We also go above and beyond to make sure your motorcycle is as safe as possible to ensure you and your loved ones are riding in style but most importantly safety.


Hamptons Designs started in Gastonia, NC. Our journey began with the end of another bringing our services, talents, and 30 years of combined experience under one roof. Our team is built of top fabricators, mechanics, and painters in the automotive industry, we work together as a team to create incredible works of automotive art.


Our expert staff is here to make your motorcycle dreams a reality. We pride ourselves on providing expert service and unsurpassed quality for the finest and most reliable bikes on the market. Everything from custom paint and body work, performance upgrades, custom exteriors, and a wide selection of custom powder coat options to achieve a look and quality that can’t be found anywhere else.

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